Our Principal

Zeenat Chowdhury, BA (Hons) and MA in English Literature from Dhaka University, Post Graduate Certificate in Education from University of London, UK, TEFL (Institute of Modern Languages, D.U.)


The person behind all the uniqueness and warmth of South Breeze School is the Principal, Ms. Zeenat Chowdhury. To all the teachers and students of South Breeze School she is a symbol of originality, understanding, charm and charisma. She is a role model for all the students, who thrive in her gentle, kind and keen insight, into not only their academic problems, but also their individual and educational needs. She makes sure that each student that graduates from South Breeze School is a conscientious human being. She makes sure she is in touch with the students. She teaches Class X English Free Writing.  South Breeze Schools shines today as it has the touch of its Principal – the touch which has created the magic that is South Breeze School.

Before starting South Breeze School, Ms Chowdhury was the Junior Head of Green Herald School.  She also has teaching experience in the UK.