Academic Services and Support

Class and Subject Teachers make sure that all syllabuses are completed well before the O’ Level exams and a good number of Mock Exams are taken on each subject. Study leave of approximately four weeks are given before the exams, during which period students are encouraged to come to school for any help from any teacher. Teachers are also happy to correct and mark any work that the student wishes to do on his/her own. There is often one-to-one teaching during which the student gets focused, individual attention.

After the results are published, students are given lengthy, detailed recommendations showcasing their special talents and achievements during their years at South Breeze School which help them to gain entry to some of the best universities in the world.

The Principal and teachers will also fill out any application forms necessary and will speak to the universities which get in touch with the school.

If any student wishes to re-take any subject, they are welcome to do any number of Mock exams, revision work at school and the teachers are happy to check them. No fees are required for the extra term that the student may attend.

Career and Admission Procedure advice to universities abroad is given by the Careers Counsellor Katrina Andaleeb Chowdhury whose E-mail Address is given below.