South Breeze School reached a new milestone on 12th August, 2016, with the inauguration of its A Level programme.  The Orientation was attended by the students, their parents, the A Level teachers, as well as the Principal, Vice Principal, Head of O and A Levels, Ms Mehreen Hassan who worked as the Director of A Levels helping to set it up, and other members of South Breeze School.  Also present were the architect and engineer who built the impressive top floor that houses the O and A Level classes.

The programme started with a short presentation on South Breeze School through a glimpse of parts of its website.  Then the Head of O and A Levels and the Principal welcomed everyone and spoke about the A Level programme.  The other guests spoke about their feelings and experiences in working to launch A Levels, after which the students introduced themselves and their parents.  The programme ended with a tour of the A Level floor followed by refreshments when the parents and students had informal discussions on various issues of interest.