O and A levels

How does South Breeze School prepare its students for the IGCSE Exams?  Preparations for the IGCSE Exams begin as early as Class VI. The Science subjects are broken into its three components: Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The base for O’ Level Mathematics start being built and the two languages get extra focus.

It’s in Class VIII that students get a taste of all the subjects they may wish to offer for the IGCSE such as Further Pure Mathematics, Economics, Accounting, Bangladesh Studies.  All lessons are based on the IGCSE syllabuses so that the students have a good idea of what offering any of the subjects will entail.

At the end of Class VIII, they are encouraged to think about subject choice and, finally, in Class IX, parents are called in to meet the teachers and the Principal to have an open-ended discussion about the subjects the students should choose which would support their future careers.

Although English, Bangla and Mathematics are compulsory, students are encouraged to follow their special strengths and talents so that they can achieve to the maximum.

Bowing finally to repeated and earnest requests from parents and students, South Breeze School has started A Level classes.